Your Website Is Your Best And Least Expensive Employee

Your Website Is Your Best Employee

Pretend you have just hired a new salesman named Donald (not that Donald, lol. ) for $30,000. Here's everything you need to know about Donald

  • Donald works 24/7, 365 days a year. He never sleeps, never eats. His only purpose in life is to talk to your customers and promote your business.

  • Donald is the perfect salesman. He knows everything about the company like the back of his hand, and can pitch it perfectly every time.

  • Donald talks to hundreds of people every day. He can talk to them all at once and still give everybody one-on-one attention.

  • Donald travels well. He can be anywhere in the world at any time, and multiple places at once if he needs to be. Best of all, no expenses, no dinners.

  • Donald learns quickly and never calls in sick.

And now for the best part.

  • Donald is ridiculously cheap. I mean, really ridiculously cheap. Let's assume your company employs Donald for three years — that initial $30,000 price tag comes out to a measly salary of $10,000 /year. And the longer you work together, the cheaper he gets. And he'll never quit! I guarantee it.

Donald would be better off working for minimum wage, wouldn't he? You pay this poor man $1.14 an hour, yet he shows up everyday with a smile and works tirelessly around the clock with just one cause: your cause, your business.

I can see it in your eyes. You kind of feel sorry for Donald now, don't you?

That is because you're losing your mind! Donald has no feelings, he's not a real person. He's a website. He's your website.

Now go out and try to find an actual person that will work that perfectly for $10,000 a year. Or try reducing the pay of your best employee to $1.14 an hour and see if he or she hangs around. Good luck! When you look at it in these terms, spending $10,000 to $30,000 for a quality website that is visually appealing, creates a positive impression, and, helps you sell your products and services is well worth it.

Well it gets better.

At Imag@nation Digital media Marketing our custom websites cost between $1,995 and $4,995 depending on the size and functionality. Contact us today to create your employee of the month (every month). At this cost, your new employee cost significantly less. If you have any questions, please contact me at

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