3 Of The Best SEO Keyword Selection Methods Uncovered.

If you are familiar with search engine optimization, then you know the importance of selecting the right keywords to try and rank as high on all the most popular search engines. Remember, and this is important. If you rank high for words that your potential customers are not searching for then you really aren't ranking high at all

Which keywords are best for your business? Which keywords are the words your potential customers are searching for. Here are 3 easy methods to help you create a great starting point. After you determine the best keywords, then you need to have the content on your website reflect these words.

Google is a fantastic place to get some ideas, Let them help you.

How you ask? Well, here is how. The autofill function is great for marketing purposes. Just begin typing something related to your business, and Google will give you a list of suggestions based on popular searches. You probably make use of this feature all the time when you search. Your potential customers do too. For example, type “website” into a Google search, and recommendations will include:

• Website

• Website design

• Website builder

• Website templates

You might find what you do exactly is very low on the list of suggestions or not even on the list. If this is the case you will find more new customers using content that features the more popular keywords. Does that make sense? If not, it will

Back to Google for a minute.

Google search can help you even further. Pick one of the suggestions. Let’s use “website design.” Now scroll to the bottom of the page. You get even more great ideas from the “Searches related” section at the bottom of the page. Suggestions include:

• Website design ideas

• Website design pricing

• Website design software

• Website design templates

Let Google help you be successful on Google. Google can give you dozens of the best keywords for your business. Now that you know this, what do you do? Where do you go from here?

Back to Google and the Google AdWords Keyword Tool

Now take these keywords and input them keyword tool that Google provides. Google keyword tool will show you what kind of competition you will be facing and the estimated number of searches per month on each keyword.

This is by far the simplest way to select the best keywords for your business or event.

This method has been working great for all of our customers. The reason it works and it seems so obvious now is that by using Google to get your keyword ideas. You are getting the information from the source on what real people are typing into Google searches. It can be tough to predict exactly what your target audience will type. Google, however, can tell you approximately how many people are using a certain phrase in their searches. Now just make sure that you create high quality SEO content that will keep viewers on the page once you attract them to the site.

If you have any questions, please email us at support@c2chomebuyer.com or reply to this blog

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