The 6 Easy Steps To Get Your SEO Rockin' and Rollin'

Don't lose faith, help is on the way. It is going to take time to get traffic, but by applying the following 5 SEO tips, you can stay ahead of the competition and boost your ranking fast.

1. Optimize your keywords

This means doing some keyword research to ensure that you choose the right phrases for your target audience. Second, this means placing them properly in your content. The key places for keyword placement are:

  • Once in the title

  • Once in the first paragraph

  • Once in an h2 heading

  • In image alt text

  • At least one other time in the body of the text (but not some many times as to penalized for keyword stuffing)

2. Page Titles and Descriptions

You want to use your keyword in your page title and description, but you also want every page on your site to have a unique description and title. Don’t get caught up in repeating titles and descriptions just to include the same keywords over and over. You want every page to be unique

3. Get Super Social

Social media can be a great way to boost your ranking. When your social media accounts are active, Google notices them and weighs links from the social accounts more heavily. Then you just need to link your social accounts to specific pages on your website.

4. Geographical Tagging for Physical Store Locations

If you have a physical store for people to come to, making sure search engines know your location is vital. This allows you to rank higher for local searches. One key to making sure you show up for local searches is to have a profile for your business on sites like Yelp, Google+, and Yellow Pages. Then be sure you provide good service and get lots of positive reviews.

5. Use a Custom Domain Name

Finding an unused domain name that has anything to do with your business can be tough, but it is worth the effort. A URL that includes your business name or even a relevant keyword can really help with your SEO. For example, if your domain name was, you would be able to acquire a custom domain that both includes the business name (Blackbeard) and the primary keyword for what we do (yachts). As we said this is getting tougher to do but well worth the effort.

6. Get To Work

It is not enough to know what to do. You have to do what you know on a consistent basis. Now that you know what to do. Get To Work and apply these 6 Easy Steps.

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