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In this world of social media, emails, texts and everything on demand it is harder and harder to get your customers attention. Once you have their attention you have to make an impression. You have to set yourself apart from everyone else especially your competition. This is where branding comes in. As a small business owner today you have to be constantly increasing your brand or working on brand recognition. We have found the best way and the least expensive way to super charge your brand recognition is through the use of custom branding impressions. Custom branding impressions are custom images using your logo. So, instead of your potential customers just seeing a regular logo and not paying attention to it, your branding impressions will be memorable, different and change the way your business is perceived. Your logo can be presented on a billboard, iPad, iPhone, on a surfboard with a young girl, painted on a brick wall. You get the picture. The largest companies in the world have been using branding impressions for years but now they are finally available to the small business owner at a price any business can afford. If you are interested in custom branding impressions for your business, check out this website They have over 500 impressions to choose from including over 100 intro videos to brand your youtube videos and social media video posts. I have enclosed some samples of branding impressions.

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